Tuna Be Gone

I don’t know what other women do to clean their vagina, but I wash mine out with ‘dove unscented soap for sensitive skin’.  It took me a while to find the right soap for down there, and the dove soap is not perfect, but it’s the closest to perfect I have found. I am an avid reader of healthy living, alternative health, and natural living books and they all discourage washing the vag with soap.  They say it removes good bacteria and makes a breeding ground for yeast.  I find that to be false, at least with my body.  If I don’t wash down there, my vagina smells like a homeless man’s penis. And it feels like it gets all yeasty and fishy smelly. I know this, because I was homeless for a short amount of time when I lived in a van with my musician husband on tour.  I barely showered and it got all types of funky down there.  But he didn’t mind, because he is a hippie and everything.

ANYWAYS, yeah, I need to wash it. I heard about washing just with water, but nope, that doesn’t do it for me. It feels like washing your hair without shampoo. Not satisfying or effective. But the Dove soap bothers me because it has chemicals in it that are carcinogenic and I am really into “clean” products that don’t have crazy shit in it that keeps products on the shelves for 10 years so it won’t go bad.  Companies are just pumping all their beauty products with formaldehyde, and dangerous chemicals that is killing everyone.  And I really don’t feel like dealing with vagina cancer, so I created my own formula for a “soap” that cleanses your vag with completely all natural ingredients.  Its base is greek yogurt, because yogurt discourages yeast infections. It won’t smell like roses and flowers and daffodils, but it will clean you, not make you irritated, not give you vagina cancer, and leave you ready to be gone down on by your significant other.  I am still working out the formula to make it smell a bit better and to work out some consistency issues, but it should be ready to test out on vaginas soon. This is just one of many products I am creating, and most of the other ones are for your face, skin, and hair.

So what I would like to know is, do you gals wash down there?  Because I don’t want to sell this soap if no one is going to buy it because you all already wash just with water.  Take my poll because this will seriously help me a lot.



4 responses

  1. I am in the same boat as you, using the dove soap in any effort to not smell like a giant tuna whore. It leaves the same after affects but I refuse to go unwashed.

  2. I use Ivory, but the ol’ mackerel still reacts in a negative smelly way to it. I do not want to go with plain water, as it’s like throwing a mangy dog in a river and calling it a bath. I would love to smell like roses again. Let me know what you find out!

    • thanks so much for sharing, seriously! I am trying to make an all natural formula that will work and not irritate any skin type. I will let you know when it comes out. : )

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